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Event Promotion

AG Hospitality & Leisure are specialists when it comes to event promotion. Whether you’re opening a new venue, have a specific offer to target your customers with, or are running a special event, we’re able to generate and maintain interest, resulting in higher levels of engagement, and in turn, higher sales. A cross-media approach would ensure maximum visibility of your event with your existing and new customers. Combining an effective set of communications, cross-media begins by attracting attention and is followed by message reinforcement.

Beginning with your data; it’s important to have a segmented pool of information – AG Hospitality & Leisure are able to both acquire and analyse your data, resulting in a hard-working list of customers that fit your demographic entirely – be that age, location, income level or gender.

Both email and direct mail ideally go hand in hand – beginning with a DM piece through the door of your contact base, employ personalisation for increased feelings of value – it’s proven that communication with personalisation performs better than a one-size-fits-all approach. Scheduled to arrive on the same day as the DM lands, a personalised email then reinforces your message. 

Including PURLs (personalised URLs) and the opportunity to register, this is the perfect opportunity to gather further data and segment it. Leading directly to your purpose built website page with further event information, the customer is able to link directly from email to information, further emphasising your message.

With a range of large format and standard print options, we’re also able to provide eye-catching outdoor banners, flags and boards. Advertise directly on your outside space, and draw in the local pound. Combine with a local door-drop to encourage new custom from the surrounding area.

On the day of the event, your venue can be dressed accordingly by AG Hospitality & Leisure. From hand-outs and leaflets through to decorative large format print, POS and even a red carpet – from concept to completion, we can take care of everything, providing a great results-proven return rate. 

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