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Aftersales Programmes

Engage past, present and future.

Thinking of the aftersales process as both an aftersales process and pre-sales process is a trick many dealerships are missing. Using cross-channel, data driven campaigns and personalising the experience can pay dividends in terms of retention and repeat customers.
The automotive aftersales industry is worth an estimated £99bn in the UK – so getting your aftersales process to be as slick as it possibly can be is crucial.

The average car dealership will hold a whole host of information on-file about is customers. This information might include purchase history, name, address, DOB, finance information and service history – but are you really leveraging all of the information you possibly can to deliver the best aftersales service?

When considering Aftersales marketing - creative intelligence and customer engagement is key. By using personalised, multi-channel, data-driven communication to engage customers you can build a relationship and increase their post-purchase spend with your dealership. By achieving this, you’ll add value and drive sales for a range of aftersales products, including Servicing, MOT and Parts. With regular, consistent and targeted marketing communications you are providing your customers with reasons to continue their motoring journey with you.

Gone are the days when you have to rely on sending out a generic servicing letter to communicate with your customers. At AG Automotive our approach is to provide you with innovative, data-driven solutions which engage with your customers across various platforms. These include: highly personalised (to the customer and their vehicle) Direct Mail, Email and SMS messaging. These platforms are can be used in isolation or as part of a wider marketing mix. All communications can be sent at the appropriate points and are known to be the preferred methods of communication for customers.

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Privacy Policy

Worried about what GDPR will mean for your business?

Or ready to get ahead of the game? On May 25th 2018, data protection laws – specifically the EU General Data Protection Regulation – will come into force. Any automotive business that engages in marketing activities will need to be aware of these regulations or risk facing heavy fines in cases of non-compliance.

AG Automotive can run through the General Data Protection Regulation, what it means for your business and how to ensure you remain compliant.

In essence, the new changes will require businesses to; be in full control of data collected (in a way that an individual’s data can be both electronically sent to them and swiftly erased at the touch of a button); be more transparent with consumers at the point of collection (with all consumers opting in, rather than having to opt-out – and terms and conditions made significantly more transparent) and, be able to manually segment data when using data to profile (adding the human-touch to data collection, but with only necessary data collected and minimal access given to those that process the data).

But don’t worry you could choose to leave it in our capable hands… at AG Automotive, we have a ready-made online platform that can help motor retailers get ahead of the game when it comes to GDPR. To find out more email us at

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