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University of Salford

Exceeding donation targets with clever, personalised cross media.

The Challenge

Sell seats for the University’s new theatre with a campaign that reflects the light and airy feel of the theatre and ties in with on-campus digital signage and pull up banners.

The Campaign

We targeted the university’s Alumni with a personalised cross-media campaign, consisting of:
    • Personalised Email
    • Personalised Direct Mail
    • PURL’s (Personalised URL’s)
    • Facebook Re-marketing

Each element of the campaign directed the recipient to a web page where they could donate and ‘buy a seat’ at the new theatre. 

The Impact

A high degree of personalisation across the 30,000 emails drove response rates in excess of 30%, and as only those who clicked through the email received the personalised direct mail, the university made an immediate saving on previous campaigns, reducing the direct mail quantity by 19,000.

We also gave the client a list of warm leads (recipients who’d visited the website and not registered).

The campaign saw an ROI after just 6 weeks and the client’s initial target to sell 5 seats was more than quadrupled with a total sale of around 30 seats.

Elements Used

  • Creative Concepts
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Data Processing
  • Personalisation
  • PURL's (Personalised URL's)
  • Personalised Direct Mail
  • Personalised Email
  • Social Media Marketing