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St Robert of Newminster Catholic School & 6th Form

Eye-Catching Banners for Student Open Evening

The Challenge

With 300 students and their parents heading to St Robert of Newminster Catholic School & 6th Form for an open evening, it was important to have clear and noticeable directional signage that looked the part in this modern school. Over 40 subjects and activities needed representation. 

The Campaign

Keeping the design work simple, AG began with bringing together some really vibrant imagery, incorporating the School's brand colours. Over 40 designs were created and printed onto banner stands, delivered direct to the school.

The Impact

The open evening ran smoothly, with each subject or activity clearly visible and illustrated. 


"We had our Open Evening last night and the banners were superb. Staff loved them and they looked brilliant, so professional. We had over 300 students and their parents visit us - they were the best investment that showcased our subject departments to the max.

Thanks for all your efforts and help!"

David Bayne
Head of 6th Form

Elements Used

  • Creative Concepts
  • Design
  • Large Format Printing & Cutting