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Eat@Urban at Newcastle University

Chilled Coffee & Break-Out Spaces for Students & Staff

The Challenge

Eat@Urban was a newly built retail unit offering coffee and snacks within Newcastle University – but on review, the interior needed a little TLC when compared to other popular coffee chains on the high street. Sit-in coffee drinkers are now after a sensory experience, not just a caffeine hit.

Additionally, just around the corner from Eat@Urban was a well-used but uninspiring break-out area for staff and students – it needed a bit of imagination to make it a more enjoyable place to take a break from the world!

The Campaign

Beginning with the coffee outlet, AG Education’s Design Studio jumped straight into developing ideas. Running with the coffee-indulgence theme, we chose to focus on coffee around the world, featuring a world map and some light reading about the origins of different beans and coffees around the world. Incorporating tribal themes in fonts and colours, we created a full graphic wallpaper, which instantly transformed the area. Around the corner, a tranquil forest wallpaper created a much calmer ambience. Both jobs were designed, printed, cut and installed by AG Education. 

The Impact

Both spaces have been immediately updated, providing much more enjoyable surroundings!


"As always, working with the AG team has been worry-free and a pleasure.

The graphics which have been developed for eat@Urban helped lift the space and add a sense of originality, which was particularly important for us considering the café is set in an architecturally beautiful building." 
Ania Remlein
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Elements Used

  • Creative Concepts
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Large Format Printing & Cutting
  • Installation