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Creating eye-catching mesh banners to provide marketing space & entice new home buyers 

The Challenge

High quality home building firm Clarion Homes were developing on a site in Guisborough, North Yorkshire and contacted AlphaGraphics to help them with their site appeal, display and advertising.

Being situated alongside an alternative housing group developing across the road, it was important for the site to be separated visually from its competitor, to be clearly signed and to show imagery of how the finished site would look, enticing buyers and screening the building site.

The Campaign

Andy Williams, Account Director for Manufacturing at AlphaGraphics, completed a site visit, meeting Joe Starkie and Cath Starkie. The site was surrounded by Heras fencing, and so a plan was put in place to design and plan the implementation of larger banners to fit on each panel, creating a full wall of design, and space to advertise and communicate information about the development works.

Our Design Studio set about creating the banners on screen, using existing photographs of the site to recreate an impression of the finished product for Clarion Homes to sign off, which included advertising for their estate agent, Selectiv Properties. The design used a combination of finished housing photographs, text and logos.

The resulting order comprised 40 banners to fit Heras fencing, shielding the site works and presenting a finished product image to entice new buyers. 

The Impact

Following delivery of the banners, they were installed by Clarion Homes, and on completion, the site was transformed!

The available space was utilised for sales and marketing, and the overall aesthetic of the site was much more enticing to potential buyers. Clarion Homes were able to differentiate themselves from the competition, outlining their site as separate, and thus driving separate enquiries.

“We were really pleased to work with Joe and Cath from Clarion Homes. Members of our team pass the site on a daily basis, so it was great to see our work in situ!

The banners have transformed the site, working to enhance the image of the building site, whilst providing valuable space for marketing - offering the opportunity to highlight key points and advantages of the homes. 

We look forward to working with
Clarion Homes again!"
– Andy Williams, Account Director

Elements Used

  • Creative
  • Design
  • Large Format Print