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Hospitality is Capitalising on Black Friday: Here's How

Although it began as a retail phenomenon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals now apply to almost all B2C industries – and even across some B2B industries.

One industry capitalising on the Black Friday boom is Hospitality, and consumers are increasingly on the lookout for the best hotel, gym membership, restaurant and spa deals at this time of year.

To look at the spike in interest, we’ve studied the prevalence of searches on Google at this time of year:




(It’s important to note that all of these terms are searched for at this time of year, the spike is relative to the highest search volume of hotel deals, but this does not make the Black Friday interest in gym membership deals insignificant.)

So, what are businesses in the hospitality industry doing to attract new and existing customers over the Black Friday weekend?


Direct Mail & Email Marketing:


Above: A season-appropriate, Black Friday email from a restaurant communicating an exclusive offer which is also designed to boost bookings during quiet periods. Hotels could use a similar tactic by offering discounted rooms during a specific booking date range or offer a free drink at the hotel bar for a limited time only.


Social Media Advertising:


Above: A gym’s display advertisement which could be used across social media platforms, targeting a particular demographic within a specific radius of the gym postcode – and those that are fans of rival gyms.

For example: targeting 19-34-year-olds located in the city of Newcastle within a radius of 17km (you could also set specific postcodes) and those that are interested in rival gyms, leaves you with a very targeted audience to communicate your Black Friday offer with:


PPC Advertising:


Above: bidding on relevant Black Friday keywords to drive traffic to the ‘spa deals’ page on their website. Of course, this example can be replicated for ‘Black Friday hotel’ or any other combination of terms that are more relevant to your business.

It’s important to select an appropriate target market when communicating Black Friday messages across platforms and to personalise campaigns – from direct mail and email marketing to social media and paid search advertising – in order to yield the best results.


At AlphaGraphics, we specialise in helping hospitality businesses deliver data-driven, automated marketing campaigns that include direct mail to improve lead generation. To find out more, visit: