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Hot Topics for Hospitality in 2018

As we buckle down for the holidays, it can be easy to forget that this isn’t the end, but merely the beginning of another year of trading. With Brexit uncertainty still looming in the air and new regulations on things like the gig economy, we take a look at what to watch out for in 2018 in hospitality.

The weakened pound has boosted inbound travel, bringing in more international travellers to experience British hospitality. The future of the UK economy is uncertain, however; at best making growth and consumer spending prospects unknown as consumer spending power has weakened due to the rising inflation rate.

Automation Boom

Self-service kiosks have arrived and they’re here to stay. We expect to see more automation and self-service in more sectors in 2018, giving consumers more control over their hospitality experience. With the success of fast-food self-service kiosks like those found at McDonald’s, expect to see these automated screens at restaurant tables, hotel lobbies, and leisure centre front desks. Much like the McDonald’s kiosks, these kiosks aren’t meant to replace jobs; instead, they’re designed to give consumers control over their experience with your brand, allowing you to provide a better service tailored to their hand-picked needs and desires.


With the introduction of contactless payment on the London underground in 2015 and a number of bus companies introducing contactless payments this year, the demand for quick and easy payment options is a must for consumers. If your customer can’t pay for your services in the way they feel is most convenient for them, it’s simply an added negative point in their journey with your brand. In 2018, advanced payment options and contactless will become the new norm.

Direct Mail

In an age where digital marketing is the way forward, more traditional marketing channels have been ignored or underutilised. Break the mould in 2018 with the physical marketing space of direct mail by crafting together a strategic design to increase bookings. This marketing channel is especially effective for conversions in rural locations, for example, fitness centres find greater conversions with direct mail in rural areas. If you need help with your direct mail campaigns, our expert marketing team can provide results-driven solutions – get in touch here.

Consumer Tastes

Consumers are growing stronger in health and wellness for mind, body and the environment, putting a greater emphasis on everything from reducing waste in restaurants to more natural spa treatments. Additionally, there will be an increase in local travel and food-related tourism. Putting a greater emphasis on implementing marketing campaigns targeted to consumers within a particular mile radius on mobile is a great way to drive traffic and increase bookings to restaurants.

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