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Archives of Retail

How to Stay in Touch With Customers Post-Sale

Attracting new customers is often the main focus of marketing efforts. This is incredibly important to the growth and success of your business, but it’s also important that you don’t overlook your current customer-base. Retaining their loyalty is also key to growth, so you must stay in touch once the sale is complete.

The winners and losers in retail of 2017

2017 was an unsteady year for the retail sector, with annual retail sales growth at its lowest in four years. According to the ONS Retail Sales December 2017 bulletin, quarter one saw a 1.2% decline in sales.

Retail Marketing Calendar 2018

In the age of all things digital, the consumer is ‘always switched on’ – so staying ahead of the game and being prepared for every eventuality has never been more important. Our retail marketing calendar for 2018 will help to ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity to capitalise on key events. Plan ahead and […]

Tips to Create an Impressive In-Store Customer Experience

With the explosion of online shopping and advancements in delivery making shopping online even more convenient and accessible, it's becoming harder and harder to bring shoppers into physical retail spaces. We discuss how you can delight your customers through the in-store experience you provide.

Planning the Right Event for your Brand

Event marketing can be a daunting task, if you approach it with a critical mind and data to support your decisions, however, a successful event can provide the means to meet-and-greet potential and current client, and generate awareness and leads for your brand.
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