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Archives of Automotive

Is the car buying process heading towards digital?

The internet has long since revolutionised the way we make buying decisions and complete purchases - from groceries to holidays to houses - the web has the answers. The automotive industry however, has fallen behind, with most brands tending to stick to their traditional (and more familiar) roots - focusing on sales and footfall within dealerships.

AG Automotive Sales Events: Our Results 2018

We’ve compiled all of our results from dealership events (held in February and March 2018) that we supported with marketing materials so you can see the difference the AG Automotive team could make to your events.

Does your dealership need a Point of Sale refresh?

Point of Sale (POS) and visual merchandising are key elements in any in-dealership marketing plan. Driving new and used car sales by promoting new products, offers and special events are just a few great reasons to ensure you have an effective point of sale display.