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INFOGRAPHIC: Direct Mail vs Email Marketing

With Direct Mail often referred to as “junk mail”, it gets a bad rap. With 13.8 billion pieces sent every year in the UK alone (many of them without permission), poor reputation can often overshadow the benefits.

Likewise, email marketing is also tarred with the same brush – unsurprising when (as of the most recently reported period) spam emails accounted for 48.16% of all email traffic worldwide!

For both email and direct marketing, it’s a classic case of a number of rogue businesses, agencies and individuals giving these marketing methods a bad name by sending unsolicited communications en masse. This has also diluted the effectiveness of these marketing channels on the whole as it makes it harder for recipients to separate the good information from the bad.

But it’s not all bad news. The most recently published statistics show that both direct mail and email marketing can be powerful tools when used correctly. The trick is to make your marketing personalised, relevant and tailored specifically to speak to your subscribed audience. It’s also no good to treat each channel in isolation. Make sure that your online and offline campaigns go hand-in-hand for the best chance of success.

To showcase the latest insights on both direct mail and email marketing, we’ve put the two head-to-head in this infographic. Click the image below to view the full infographic:

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