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All posts of Kim West

How to Mitigate and Manage Online Reviews

One viral bad review can potentially ruin the reputation of a hotel, restaurant, gym or leisure facility. Here's what to do if you get one, and how to reduce the chances of getting a negative review.

To Succeed in Retail, Make it Personal

Competing in the retail environment has never been more challenging. ‘Competitive’ is almost too soft a word to describe it – ruthless is probably more accurate. So how can we personalise the retail experience? Answer: Data.

The Hotel Industry and Online Marketing

With hotels diversifying more than ever, offering exciting new services and niche markets, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and get your business noticed. In an online world where social media rules the waves and internet browsing is a daily staple, not a luxury, how can you be sure you’re […]

Attracting Customers to your Retail Premises

It’s very easy to get excited and caught up in all the trappings of digital marketing – such as social media and eCommerce – and while hugely important in modern trading, it’s also vital to not overlook your physical shopfront. If your business depends heavily on passing trade and enticing customers inside to browse, or on […]