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All posts of Kim West

Is the car buying process heading towards digital?

The internet has long since revolutionised the way we make buying decisions and complete purchases - from groceries to holidays to houses - the web has the answers. The automotive industry however, has fallen behind, with most brands tending to stick to their traditional (and more familiar) roots - focusing on sales and footfall within dealerships.

INFOGRAPHIC: Direct Mail vs Email Marketing

With Direct Mail often referred to as “junk mail”, it gets a bad rap. With 13.8 billion pieces sent every year in the UK alone (many of them without permission), poor reputation can often overshadow the benefits. Likewise, email marketing is also tarred with the same brush – unsurprising when (as of the most recently […]

Five Proven Gym Marketing Strategies

In order to stand out amongst the masses, you need to be sure that your gym has something unique to offer that people just simply could not get elsewhere - your USP. Here are 5 proven strategies to help you promote your gym’s USP.

NEW JOB ALERT: Join the AG Gang as an Account Director

Account Director Job Title: Account Director Responsible to: Client Service Director Location: Middlesbrough / Newcastle / Nottingham Salary: Negotiable based on experience Job Description: We’re looking for an Account Director to work from any or our locations with strong client and project management skills. The role is available due to new opportunities and an exciting […]

How to Stay in Touch With Customers Post-Sale

Attracting new customers is often the main focus of marketing efforts. This is incredibly important to the growth and success of your business, but it’s also important that you don’t overlook your current customer-base. Retaining their loyalty is also key to growth, so you must stay in touch once the sale is complete.

How to Market Fitness based on how Gen X, Y and Z choose their gym

As a gym establishment, your target clientele can be very broad and diverse, attracting people of almost all ages. The key here is segmentation; dividing the market into sub-categorised groups based on their demographic and other shared characteristics, in this case by generation and adapting your marketing efforts to suit each group. With an estimated market value of £4.7 billion, there is plenty of opportunity to win over your share of the competition - you just need to know how!