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The Campaign

The block-busting exhibition included creatures, costumes and props from the world’s most notorious sci-fi TV shows and movies including Alien, Star Trek, Robocop, Lost In Space, Mars Attacks, Planet of the Apes, Predator the X-Files and many more.

AlphaGraphics produced a range of creative concepts with a view to developing the campaign from one creative. Impressed with the whole selection of creative, all the designs were integrated into the final campaign.


The campaign went viral achieving additional PR from the press and visitor numbers soared within the first 48 hours of the exhibition opening following the launch of the campaign. The total number of tickets sold at the end of the exhibition exceeded 10,000 - more than double the original target. Furthermore the total number of tickets sold excluded additional free of charge repeat visits, which brought in additional revenue from merchandise sales and use of the museum’s other facilities such as the café and shop etc


“Initially following the brief I had given to Darren regarding the design of the promotional material for Invasion, the design concepts I received back from AlphaGraphics totally blew me away, it was evident that Darren had taken on board all I had said and relayed this back to the design team accurately.

The delivery of all the different items I needed and ordered were always here for the deadlines and AlphaGraphics managed to juggle the constant demands for different items needed for the exhibition and the promotion. Everything that I received was of an excellent quality and I really felt that you as a company totally embraced the concept of our project and were as eager to make the exhibition a success as we were.

Darren McPhillips is an asset to AlphaGraphics and a good working relationship has been established, He is adaptable and dependable and comes up with some great ideas which we had not thought of, this is the case for all the work we have done with AlphaGraphics.

The prices I was quoted for the work done for Invasion were very competitive, along with the creative skills shown by the company and commitment to providing excellent services it was a no brainer when choosing to work with AlphaGraphics and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

- Rebecca, Redcar & Cleveland Council.


The campaign required a number of elements including:

  1. Cross Media Campaign
  2. Event Tickets
  3. Leaflets
  4. Posters
  5. Pull-up Banners
  6. Merchandise
  7. External Banners
  8. Signage (Interior & Exterior)
  9. Large Format Event Graphics