Marketing in the Motor Industry - 2054 Style!

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The year 2054 still feels like an eternity away yet here at AlphaGraphics we were pioneering some of the imaginative marketing technologies in the motor industry that are showcased in the Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise film Minority Report (set in 2054) and referenced in this NE Times article that we feature in, less than a decade after the film was released.

Whilst the AlphaGraphics brand has tenaciously pursued its belief that continual investments in software, equipment and people are what keep their clients front of mind, it was the revolutionary decisions of AlphaGraphics UK directors, Sean and Andrew, to be amongst the first to invest in the innovative, cutting-edge technology behind digital personalisation when it first launched, nearly a decade ago.

Marketing in the Motor industry hasn’t been the same since!

We’ve gone on to win multiple, global awards for our creative and innovative use of the technology thanks to our gritty persistence to continually push the boundaries and the very real need to find solutions to everyday problems. More often than not, we discover our clients are facing similar challenges and that’s often how the conversations start.

The motor industry is fast paced and competitive and the success of our marketing events and campaigns for a number of prestigious clients in the motor industry, including some of the industry’s most reputable players such as Vardy’s and Vertu, has really rocketed in the last few years resulting in us recruiting a specialist motor industry marketing team, headed by Carly Gould.

With more than a decade of inside industry experience, Carly says: “I’ve worked client side and agency side so I’ve really had exposure to the best of both worlds. I spent eight years at Reg Vardy before joining Peter Vardy Ltd as group marketing manager. I loved the fast pace of the motor industry. AlphaGraphics is innovative, dynamic, forward thinking and don’t just deliver a campaign or event – the services it offers to the motor trade goes way beyond that. The company delivered industry leading campaign results and I wanted to be a part of that. The team are dedicated, passionate and love what they do.”

Carly is heading up our team with Madeleine Costigan, our specialist motor industry account director with over 15 years sales and marketing experience in the motor industry: “There are so many time and stress-saving elements that we deliver with these campaigns – not just for our clients but for their customers too, and I think that is a huge advantage. We’re living in a digital age where it’s often so much easier and quicker for us to manage our lives online.

The main USP for AlphaGraphics’ motor industry events is that we provide our client’s customers with access to their own unique PURL where they can choose an appointment date and time to meet the dealer at an event to suit them.

It is not only super quick and easy for the customer – and once again, driven by the customer’s personal needs and convenience as opposed to traditional marketing methods, which demanded a response from the customer when it suited the seller – it also eliminates the need for the sales execs to make hundreds of calls as instead, their leads are coming in direct and more importantly, they’re already warm, high quality leads. It’s a win-win scenario.”

The days of traditional, generic DM only campaigns – along with their industry standard response rates of 2% - have long since been eclipsed by our highly personalised, data driven cross-media campaigns that deliver campaign response rates upwards of 30%, email open rates as high as 92%, attendance at sales events of more than 76% and an enviable increase in sales of over 70%!

Like the NE Times article says, “it’s testament to just how much has changed when it comes to marketing and the motor industry, when we can measure the success of campaigns and events in real time rather than waiting days or even weeks for the response to a generic direct mail (DM) to unfold. This fast paced, reactive responsiveness to marketing campaigns are just one of a multitude of benefits that make AlphaGraphics’ cutting edge marketing campaigns so perfectly suited to the motor industry.”

The imaginative technologies of 2054 might not be an eternity away after all …not for AlphaGraphics and our clients anyway!

2054 here we come!

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