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Continuing on with our collaborative work with Cleveland College of Art and Design students studying BA (Hons) Textile and Surface Design, we recently tested our EFI VUTEk H2000 large format on some further substrates, combined with new artistic mediums.

Alex - a student on the BA (Hons) Textile and Surface Design course – challenged us the most, asking us to translate her bright graphic work onto an internal house door! With Alex present, we trailed first on 5mm foamboard, checking for alignment, colour and clarity. She was really pleased to be there, and enjoyed seeing her own work come through the printer. Next, we moved onto the door itself. As the print head sprays the ink onto the surface from around 2mm above, with any surface recesses such as bevelling found in most internal doors, the ink naturally has further to spray, and so on occasion we see some loss of clarity in pattern continuation – however, we were really pleased to see the design crystal clear in these areas. Alex was delighted with the finished piece and took it away to apply further finishes and embellishments in the College workshops.

We also worked with Tara to print a simple, yet effective clear acrylic piece. Featuring a reverse printed black mask decal, the piece could then be used decoratively, within interior design for the home, or for retail outlets like shops, pubs and restaurants. The piece looks really effective, utilising monotone, which would look impressive illuminated from behind.

Translating watercolour onto a large format substrate was a new challenge for us, which Jean brought when she asked if we could print her illustration work onto DiLite, with a brushed metal finish. Her work embodied the steely movement of the water at South Gare, when the tugs and tankers come in. We carefully digitally cut the artwork from its cartridge paper background and set it up to print with one pass of colour. This gave it a washed, delicate look. We increased the ink passes to three, but found the finish looked too intense, so we dropped to two passes and achieved the perfect colour match to the artwork.

Similarly, we also worked with Gary to print his bold, statement impressions of the male form onto DiLite. The solid black print was visually strong, and made a great final exhibition.

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