Are You At Risk?

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It affects each and every one of us ….as individuals, as companies – no matter how big or small. When it comes to confidential information, just one mistake can lead to costly and irreversible damage to you, your business and your reputation.

Confidential or sensitive data can range widely; from financial information, medical data and exam papers to court transcripts, employee information and personal account details. It’s all at threat from misuse, hacking, theft and viral attacks.

So it makes perfect sense that an internationally recognised accreditation called ISO 27001 exists to ensure the protection of such information, and that it can only be gained following extensive, regular audits and vigorous assessments. However, it’s not a compulsory accreditation.

Achieving ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) was a strategic decision for us and our clients. The last 6-12 months has seen our own dedicated, specialist in-house team working hard to manage this project; carrying out thorough risk assessments before risk mitigation and treatment were put into place. These have ranged from the implementation of new procedures and security controls to the testing of our IT systems for any vulnerability to hacking and the improvement of physical security.

The benefits of our ISO 27001 accreditation not only mean we’re a step ahead when it comes to complying with ever-changing laws relating to information security, we’re seeing improved efficiencies within the business and most importantly, we’re even better at protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our client’s confidential information.

Ultimately, it’s an internationally recognised seal of approval that assures our clients that they can trust us with their business sensitive documents, safe in the knowledge that their information will be held and handled with upmost regard for security and confidentiality.

It’s only top secret if you can guarantee that you have all the right measures in place to keep it that way. When you’re choosing a supplier, it’s worth checking that they are ISO 27001 accredited, for your own peace of mind.

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